Contact Us/Donations

To make a donation to support our neurodegeneration research (which will allow much faster progress), please click the Departmental site:
and specify “for Lindberg lab research”.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged in any resulting publications.
Mailing Address:

Attention: Dr. Iris Lindberg
University of Maryland – School of Medicine
Anatomy and Neurobiology
Building HSF II Room S251
20 Penn St.
Baltimore, MD 21201


Laboratory Address at UMB:

Building HSF II, Room S218
20 Penn St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

this is at the corner of Lombard and Penn St.

Office: 410-706-4778
Lab Phone: 410-706-4787
Fax: 410-706-2512
Please direct email to ilindberg at som dot umaryland dot edu or to

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